American Jihad by John Outram



On a warm Friday in May when a band of Islamic killers hijack the US Coast Guard ship Hammerhead to secretly land in America and begin ten days of terror in towns and cities throughout the nation.  Unprepared for such industrial scale killing frightened people take to the streets threatening civil breakdown.  The emergency spirals out of control as Washington races to eradicate the Jihadists.

FBI Agent Jeffrey Close and CIA Operative Pat Holmes, attached to Homeland Security, are in the hunt as almost by luck one of the killers is caught alive becoming their first lead. Jeffery joins field agents capturing another cell preparing to hit their target. Meanwhile, Pat Holmes, searching government databases, discovers that hundreds of Islamic State fighters have been smuggled into America as suicide bombers.

Close and Holmes urgently fly to Guantanamo Cuba where captured jihadists are kept secure and encouraged to talk.  They learn the names of sleepers and their carefully hidden command structure. The new information identifies more terrorists and eventually their commanders even as they order bombers to kill more Americans. They are in time to stop a major attack on a state capital intended to slaughter elected Senators and Representatives.

The discovery that the terrorist attacks were planned and coordinated by supposed friendly powers in the Middle East is devastating. The President and the National Security Council must restore peace and order in the homeland and determine a political and military response to the foreign powers. Their decision will affect the world.

How did it happen?

How was it stopped?

What revenge will America inflict?

Find the answers in American Jihad!

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