A Gentle Slaughter of the Perfect Kind by Andrew Cullen

A mysterious hospital is erected in Split, Croatia that claims to cure all types of paralysis in a matter of hours with no surgery.  The global scientific community is baffled.

Despite the U.S. and a handful of other countries warning its citizens to avoid the treatment, people from all over the world descent on the city and are cured.  But when these patients return home and resume their lives, they suddenly begin committing random violent acts of terror.

FBI agent Paul Sample was paralyzed on the job 25 years ago. As the string of terror continues, the FBI see Paul as the perfect investigative element, one of their own who can undergo the treatment first hand.

Paul begins to dig deep into the secretive world of the hospital and its operations. He teams with another disabled agent, an ambitious investigative reporter and a stealth FBI team on the ground in Split to start unraveling the secrets of the hospital as it becomes clear that those in charge are being influenced by a supernatural being, intent on slowly wiping out the planet.

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